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most always some other trouble than the h3rperaemia of the liver, which
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the same time io prosorvc tlio slauj^htonncn from tlio Jauj;;cr to which
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3. The part of the body upon which the operation is to be per-,
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Iodine is a modem discovery, which has filled a wide role in re-
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of water as a noxious or a therapeutic airent. He would not detail
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traction of the stomach walls; in several cases of hour-glass
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a very unusual thing to find it in an individual of twenty. The only other
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France. These circumstances led to the inception and organization of
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16. " The Histology and Physiology of the Gastric Glands."
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lance. Its administration must be suspended at the least sign of
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medical art still prevail. Disease is still looked upon
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be measured even to the 16,000th of an inch in diameter. (See illustrations,
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delphia : Lippincott, Grainbo & Co., 1854. (Royal octavo, pp. IviL
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of the theory that the mucosa may be the site of primary cancer, while
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in acute diarrhcea, the enemata alone are used. He also speaks
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raised from the abdomen with a good portion of subcu-
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I have seen cases come from the front with a crusted cake of
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tem, and in certain doses, develop piles. The special property of aloes is " to
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form principle in the treatment of (A. W. Mayo Robson) . 103
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aside the medicine till a more convenient season. Medicines,
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care can be adequately carried on. The patients come back even
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eral different methods of radiosurgery have been devel-
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and sanitariums for phthisical patients without means,
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the Surgeon in attendance asked me to accompany him, as
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proceeds, and that of the glands, which are the source
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to such a point that the Fallopian tube came opposite
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probenecid (benemid) is used with penicillin
land far from any other surgeon, and who. he found, had
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enough to derive benefit from its use. I have found it pecu-
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dilutions or triturations increase their extensvvemss but not
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favorable reports received from those who have employed it for some
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lesion in one half of the cord. The degree of tactile anaesthesia is great, but
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bone to which it was attached ; the wound healed in great