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all forms of the disease and constitute a diagnostic

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others which occur more sparingly in various parts of the state.

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the inflammatory products into other organs or tissues. Hence

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improvement in other respects. Patient discharged June.

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blood still more rarely. During the defaecation there may be a considerable

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bruised and applied to a blistered surface will promote

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Professor Dettweiler had kindly consented to act as

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more risk of injuring the lung. Of this last accident

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By extension a caries may involve an adjacent joint

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The reaction is determined by moist litmus paper being careful

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unconscious from apoplectic coma with pupils contracted to pin

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most of them were not subjected to an infection that was fatal

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ably depend on two main factors the quantity of proteid and

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Firstly anaemia luing the word in the sense of a positive deficiency

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hour. The case autopsied died of peritonitis fifty two hours after

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escape of the pus when a horse is constantly feeding off the

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employ British surgeons on the following conditions The

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necessary for that particular affection should be adopted. When due

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genital or acquired. The pulse of Napoleon the First

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colored woman of twenty years was taken with acute rheumatism

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dne to working in mineral dust and per cent in vegetable dust.

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of the case. After a certain time it proved that our suspicion