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successful case cited page. et seq. and illustrated in
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that have been reported to this Committee is seventy one. In
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of both sexes. They also held iu opposition to Aristotle
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of the preparations and calmly uses the alkaloid with which he
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disorders of soldiers and others in India are largely due to over
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tinuance of the ulcerative process after the pustules
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ance of diflferent colors. The whole larynx shows a red
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high ground water corresponding with a considerable prevalence of fever in the
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of that inflammatory process which is absolutely neces
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tion but that it was comparatively seldom recognized.
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parts first attacked and whenever the disease penetrates the cartilage of
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Treatment. In many cases it will be only necessary to
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tion of pus or the patient is bedridden from frequent at
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there was no change noted after to days of these patients
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property. After considerable experimentation with various mer
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For many years physicians have been paying a great deal of
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nourishing the coming generation this old established product survives
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thusiastic eulogy of the Marshall Hall method and I need not
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potentiated in time and intensity. Doubt existed however
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had no place in any of the clinical examinations Infectious
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heat instead of cold. He has left the snow behind him. The
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tite from the time they were first noticed ill. There had been
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Henry Howard Sherk Pasadena Jefferson Medical College
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Ixxiy content of serum within the first twenty four hour
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hospital twenty four days after the operation the wound being com
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death of his brother the whole of an extensive practice fell into
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and to abstain from them particularly in cases where
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three hundred and three sixty five per cent. leaving thirty five
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year on the Areolar Tissues. The other part of his laboratory is
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Dr. Old right speaking on behalf of the Inebriety Committee
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of ultra violet rays from a quartz mercury vapour lamp. He describes
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fornia waiting for treasure ships. Of one of the largest prizes
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will consist of a small amount of thoroughly digested food containing an