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Gazette Medicale de Paris. July August September October .

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pended matter in the air we breathe. For it not only

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obstinacy in the use of Glauber salts. Gentlemen this is a very

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we meet with cases in which the palsy is slight or transient but

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the loins while in inflammatory cases a sheep skin or

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Three difliculties immediately presented themselves and made the

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proceed. At the end of minute the door was opened the

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area is dependent upon such digestive waste products for its origin.

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Diverticula pharyngeal Bkiagrams and diagrams of VV. Hill Laryng.

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by the reading of a paper by Dr. Stephen Mackenzie.

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inferred therefore that digitalis can be of no benefit to

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here alone that specialists should or indeed can properly exist where

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carcinoma I will state what I believe to be the action

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Assistant Chemist for the use of his globulin determinations in the

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Of course in both of the classes of litigations just mentioned

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University was held on Saturday last. Tlie i olling commenced at two

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greatest anxiety and alarm in parents. Most parents feel

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for diarrhea because of its astringent properties. That diarrhea

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The theories of the action of a plaster jacket as ordinarily applied

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ble physicians only the benefit of long research and

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overparticular parts of the lung or lungs with a line of

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An excellent chemist and microscopist at my request sub

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medium sized book which would give them briefly but to the point

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hair follicle but others did not exhibit any such relationship.

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Hepatic flexure at level of iliac crests transverse and descending colon negative.

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tim and opportunity the carotid might be exposed and a stout

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When the pyrexia subsides Q uinine Iron or other tonics with

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of phymosis arising from this cause as from gonorrhoea or

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abdomen was washed out but the case pursued its fital

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for the passage of the optic nerve in front it con

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which descriptions are made all the more lucid and interesting by many

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Bums of the conjunctiva and cornea are not infrequent and may result

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debatable point because the cases were not subjected to

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rent in front of the screen in six hours became nearly

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chloric acid is present this ring in a few seconds be

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certain pathogenic agents to pass through but prevents others.