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definite clinical basis and contributes two more articles this year.
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practitioner of medicine as well as to the professed surgeon.
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were observed macroscopically yellowish white patches of
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almost every form of zymotic disease and those whose systems
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made from the microbes found in the focus of infection
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exerting its baneful influence to destroy confidence in our system.
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thread the same as used for sewing up wounds. Put the
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man on whom I had operated was very ill much excited and
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is necessary to control hemorrhage is drainage but that point
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put on record his calculations on the same subject
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the anterior chamber is attended with unpleasant consequences. If
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comfortable outdoor life during the entire year. The mean maximum
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of Iedicine Sir Rickman Godlee. president of the Royal Col
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considered itself bound to care for men s bodies as
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fected premises become infected themselves and by their in
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tion for expert witnesses and material for dissecting
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essential for them to know in the elements of vertebrate embryology. Academy.
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tured to lead to any practical advantage but the investigation
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Medical Officer Health for Southend Physician and Medical Superintendent
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rigorous method of keeping up treatment is adopted relapses will
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In Biochemistry the Ehrlich ascites tumor of mice was the
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connection ivith septicemia. falignaIlt endocarditis being usually a
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is rendered hyperimmune by progressive injections of virulent blood
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that the favorable results which have been obtained since
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culus lodged in the right ureter at the brim of the pelvis.
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generally ensues. Nature however sometimes prevents this as I
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these exceptions no serious epidemics have appeared
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taken In Introducing Pasteur s protective inoculation for certain deadly con
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In large part however its action is that of guiding or
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inhibitory action. When by some process of action in the