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which a patient may infect not only one house but many other places
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confirmed by Donath Wilson and others. The detection of cholin may
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In most cases of catarrh it is well to produce a certain degree
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dition of the bronchioles with surface edema and mois
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open windows which is quite different from sitting all day in a closed
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if Quart erli Report of the Carey Street Dispensary. Oct.
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elevations upon the surface of the mucous membrane irregular
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and may extend to complete aphonia. The most alarming symptom is
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ducing green zones heavy seeding and at another time producing
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the bare average of thirty years in one list which I have of
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about three months the period which elapsed from the last nephritic
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discharges of persons coming from infected places. My own investi tions
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increase during the preceding ten years was equivalent to
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sive stimuli that its dynamic force is made effective and mani
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tions the mucous membrane is often necrotic or after the pale
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as a Paramount Necessity. It is unfortunate he said that neithei
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Suppurating or infected wounds as phlegmones should be
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being not so much of the patient himself or of the robust and
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Seven herds known to be infected. Three other herds con
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graphs and twenty one fall page half tone plates besides numerous
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animal remains quiet it does not respond to calls and appears
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liam not before visited by the epidemic. Four fatal cases of
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to get rid of the formidable injurious and often misapplied
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scrapings of the part immediately overlying the papillary layer of the
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of temperature pain and vomiting. These infectious attacks may ter
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be some question as to whether the doctor was deaUng
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of species inight still be imperfectly apprehended.
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Although hitherto so little and so unsuccessfully used m this country
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etc. may at times be the source of the haematuria. If the patient
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and then again very finely ground and mixed. Weighed amounts suffi
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with a view to secure the independence and efficiency of the officers in
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closets in houses ia small. The report was approved and the
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and readers familiar with the work that is done. All physicians who
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When it is necessary to amputa. the arm high up the subclavian
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situated on what may be termed the ventral surface of the animal