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There is immediate relief of pain and fatigue. In addition he

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discharge of shreddy pus and cellular sloughs from the wounds.

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veloped about an inch above the wound was punctured. The cavity

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system. The dietetic hints are varied and interesting he sug

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common now chiefly from better hygienic regulations and the use

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Intestinal symptoms are very inconstant. Of the cases analyzed

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them from Dr. George R. Shepherd who had previously on behalf

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upon the point of recovering from an attack of fever when

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any thing I have used. After this astringents must be resorted

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As to the duration of abdominal aneurism in some cases

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for dragging upon the sensitive nerves in the periosteum and

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was a hospital nurse and it required much persuasion to allow the

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over the surface. Dyspnoea is not usually present. The paroxysm lasts

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The disease can be transmitted with the greatest facility as we

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the estimate of the size of an object is partly dependent upon the

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sepsis producing organisms d absolutely free of all germs

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the day showed unusual keenness of intellect and yet who at times

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to include the whole of the tonsil especially that in the supra

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borne swiftly off to the cleaning up room of a ward

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however in advance to remark that at the present day to

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Best results from hydrotherapy are obtained when used in conjunc

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to be of any lienefit was after free incisions of which over a

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ter that when by proper purgatives the scybala are evacuated

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A biological model of the effects of toxic substances

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Doctors Young Head of Division Campbell Galleher Mays and Staff.

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