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from an attack of right hemiplegia of probably thrombotic origin with

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into what class they are prepared to enter, namely, the educated

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dying as if by " shock," and in one oaso death took place after the patuflt

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covery, such statistics were not of much value as decid-

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reports the cases of two men, aged tliiny-six and twenty-

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cesses which modify their structure, and perhaps interfere

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comparison of the thousand cases brought before the Society

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many a patient has lost all the gain at a winter resort

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the growth to slough ; second,* by the forceps ; and third,

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of the body after the accident, and the prolongation of this coolness, with

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typhoid state may appear, viz., low delirium, sordes, subsultus tendinum,

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fatigue may not be entirely due to the character of the work.

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the dilution is made or later. The [H] of the dilution (1 + 2) agrees, as does

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groove between the olivary and restiform bodies, and by the branches which it receives

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Examination. — Left side : Sajptum and anterior and middle

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enough to print his formula so no one maker can control the monopoly of the

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trench fever, but in 1918 influenza was epidemic and trench fever less

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and without the production of membranes, or of gen-

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red-hot cautery will produce no disturbing hemorrhage from the pul-

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Unlike the illustrations in the later herbals of Turner, Lyte, and Gerard,

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terms spasmodic laryngitis and false croup. The child is observed to have

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3T0 Hart, Inhalation of Atomized Medicated Liquids. [Oct.

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those mockeries of civilization and intelligent exam-

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results. Both of these phenomena were often remark-

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He divided medical science into three great sections, —

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I have been in the constant practice of medicine for the last thirty-

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of matter : but ars longa, vita brevis. If a medical student has before him only

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ticity. The organs where we meet with this tissue are the yel-

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which recall those of multiple sclerosis, cerebellar uncertainty of gait,

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description of hysteria, that the frequence with which hysteria occurs