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When a muscle contracts, a portion of its substance is used up
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attended by albuminuria into several essentially distinct patho-
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to be due to the enlargement of a uterus which was sur-
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This may be accepted as not far from the truth, of what
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of some part of the optic path by the tumour. Instead of a general defect
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Eulogy on Frank Hastings Hamilton, M. D., LL. D 509
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ragged. The vessels in some parts of the remaining mucous membrane
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tissue take place in the form of processes. Similar attempts in
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excellence of the Jersey, Ayrshire and Holstein, yet I do
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No. 8, four ounces. To allay irritation in a sore, camphor
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Prussians the southern quarters; the bridges guarded
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usually in cases where there is an hereditary taint of insanity
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has been low, ouly 8 of 18 cases in the hospital, and 9
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Moore. When an examination reveals that the blood is not nor-
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for, from absence of pre-disposition, or lack of susceptibility,
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half ever}' four hours- and Easton's syrup. Cough stopped October 11th,
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and their sympathy for him in his failing condition.
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iting is present; (12) Murphy's proctoclysis; (13) Fowler's position;
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The negative results of such a mental exercise are by no
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great credit upon the Association from which it emanates.
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certain number which surgical intervention is not likely to
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ful bronchoscopic and x-ray studies will frequently dis-
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more dangerous will the operation be for the child. Here in this case
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use of the trephine and the insertion of the trocar and
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pregnant state was, of course, essential in bringing aliout
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transmit to the Secretary their reports under Art. LXVIU,
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way every motion of the part during convalescence is
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ing down on its posterior surface, care being taken not to injure
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gist was as old as ophthalmology itself, and it did not
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implantation. The patient, a man set. 62 years, had been operated
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other words, one out of every five husbands in the 250 cases
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Brochures and registration forms are available from the contact
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palm of the band. On the 1 9th be was extremely irritable, and
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present. The white count is somewhat elevated, usually about 12,000,
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with tuberculosis pulmonalis in its third or most advanced
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There remains to be said a very few words about his
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Manchester took smallpox ; the ticket collector at Man-
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the thumb being under the last rib at the back and the fingers in
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gical Therapeutics. By \Vii,i.iam Whiti,a, M. D., Professor of Materia Medica and
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ciation. All courses listed have been certified by CME accredited
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Flgs.1, penis; 8, empty tcrotam: 8, prostate gland; 4, yaglna; S, os tlncfls: 6, utenu: 7, blad-
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one, and was again apparently unconscious. Her brother, who arrived
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them. He could not be persuaded to return to Edinburgh, though