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At its first bifurcation is an aneurysmal dilatation.
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under whose care she was treated. Patient, set. 68, complained of
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more or less inspissated faeces, or in the presence there of
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fail ; she had a cachectic appearance suggestive of tuber-
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tricular segment, but a diverticulum, like the primitive
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The histological changes were found to be really the same in both sets
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tanh as a result of congestion, we may occasionally, particularly during
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progress has opened up a new horizon, revealed new problems, started
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sometimes feels weak, faint or languid. The application of cold water
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these points given by Withering, we can see at a glance the great
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solution have been reeomnKMuled. Naunyn states that, once coma is
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cient power finally to produce exhaustion. The identity of
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received Jit tl^eir hands, and that the associations here formed will be
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: with a view to the extension of medical knowledge and to
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will answer just as well, providing they are killed off when in a
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menced, a tympanitic or cracked-pot note may be obtaiued.
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lodophilia is the rule in pneumonia. After crisis with good resolu-
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ase I, that of a male of 29 years, is worthy of record
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F. May Dickinson Berry, M.D., B.S., W. Lyon Blease, L.L.M., and other
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resented by the number of apertures. Even the manufacturers of wire
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foetus,] Vestnik obsh. hig., sudeb. i prakt. nied., St. Pe-
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I had acted as counsel at it, in the first stage, during
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Thus, as I hare said, there is a curious history connected
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been given by Johne. This question of the heredity of
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1 32 Davis, 07i Action of Quinine in Malarial Fevers, [March,
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first year of life. 3 Once infected, these infants may continue
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all the voluntary muscles, almost amounting to paralysis, and
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action of the heart, although the result is too often temporary. Another
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1895-6, xi, 509-514. — Itl«'«lical exaniiuins board of Vir-
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its development. Thus, overwork, severe exertion — even for a
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tlie chronic form, and the other I leing of great diag-
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no help from questioning the patient, except the one initial inquiry,
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firmary and consulted on the system without charge.
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sidered, and eliminated, from the fact that careful search failed to
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Case 5. — Wong Chl Lul, February 7, autopsy by Dr. Barker, 6
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ill ;iss(iri:itioii with ]iaiiereotie disease, it will at times be
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reaction. The brain substance for a varying distance around the abscess is
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comfort and convenience." He said the room in which they
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the absorption of fluid slowly introduced into the bowel. %
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strator to the faculty of medicine, which was then reorganized. In
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tion of a cathartic, will prevent injury in casting the larger
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pursued in the restoration of health, will render tiiis inquiry doubly useful
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The efficient control of all the contagious diseases is largely dependent