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the middle of May . Dr. Jamieson who was about fifty

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aperture renders it probable that the tunics are gradually thinned

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tice of wet nursing foundlings. In the case reported the

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candidates for the license and for that purpose pass the proper exam

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dering cells spread over the granulations of the wound

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emetic and the bowels put to rights by repeated doses of

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tends to occur in the various tissues at periods when the excessive

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Tuberculosis of the kidney is the result of hematogenous in

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being smaller and brighter in color. On the tongue these spots

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loss of elasticity of the bladder wall caused by infiltration.

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more fostering. And as the learned writer justly observes

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classify them according to the rules of zoological nomenclature. From a biological

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it is anticipated wdll create an enthusiasm which will be carried

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derness of the belly may be met by persistent hot fomen

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complete since the sequestrum was still in situ a fissure had established communication

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tional disturbance and perhaps the power of more complete recovery. This

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American Urological. sociation consulting surgeon to the

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has considerable clinical importance from the viewpoint of making an

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cury. Maragliano advises quinin hjpodermically and internally.

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our hospitals and is beginning to demand that it should be entitled to

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The dietary of the state hospitals is also the subject of detailed study

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rated at points corresponding with the fractures. The right anterior lobe was

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tion than females and the disease attacks all ages except young infants.

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seem adVisable to practise this method of administration or at all events

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derangements of the digestive system and to point out the most

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found to be alternately backwards and forwards or forwards and

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sluffs. Injection made and a hollow pipe put in after

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increased and there is no alteration in the formula of the phosphates.

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to the same police measures as animals affected with the natural

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slightly accentuated. The pulse is rapid full and strong or may