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present time. It must also be stated that on account
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of the labarynthine fluid, blunt the percipient power of the
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for manoeuvres of this kind. The note of angina pectoris is terror-
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Angina Pectoris. — From a study of forty-three cases I have reached
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and in institutions, that have been developed by the federal depart-
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centre and that the proof of Broadbent's ideational
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without iwst-TYiorteTni evidence or actual inspection of the
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way the prominence of the vein is maintalDed, and greater facility given to the
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the eleventh month (he was feized with violent pains
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The most detailed account, however, of the information which
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that ^^ it is difficult, if not impossible, to find any reason for supposing that the
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increased dose, but in the five remaining cases there was a slight
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of the ligaments at the time of the Dislocation causes great inflammation,
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there is no excuse for the sixth edition of so good a
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Dr. Savage, of Nashville, Tenn. Dr. Charles Shaffner strongly recom-
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the act of swallowing in adults is proved by the experiments of
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Patients are admitted to the -State Hospitals for the In-
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(Deut. Med. Woc/i., March 19, 1896), remarks that in the various swellings of
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at all, nor were any evident in the peripheral nerves. Therefore, he
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with the bruising of nerves by missiles, and their injury from tumours, disloca-
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John Yellowly, M. D. The object of tiiis memoir is to correct some errors into
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well together in a mortar for ten minutes, then, with a little
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The changes in the second year's work are of even more
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These, Gentleman, are great facts which you ought to bear in
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had continued from five to fifteen years and in which
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so that the total number of reported cases must now
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require it. The better plan is to adopt preventive meas-
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Anticorps may be classified in two great groups : some acting as
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more marked. The animal runs on quite blind till some obstacle
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of the injury, and remain permanent consequences of gunshot
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unfortunately for the man, in the following vnretchedly
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these advantages may be an economic failure, even, although pos-
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will undergo a course of practical instruction in naval hygiene,
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not abnormally high, and quite symmetrical. The tonsils are large
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coloured peroxide of lead. The mixture, after digestion in the cold
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attention was first called to it many years ago by a friend who has since
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2. The added thickness of the endotracheal tube used in
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shiped the sun, the most natural and rational of all primitive
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the events should require it, to make report to the Surgeon-General.
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lungs there were recent caseating and softening tubercular
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ness surveys, like sanitary surveys or industrial surveys, demand an ex-
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