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The Hotel Metropole on Keen Street Lismore has been brought back to life - reopened in December 2021 by new owners Kerrilee & Nick Lake.

Breathing life back into Lismore’s iconic venue with – local beer – local produce – great food – awesome wine – even better cocktails – and of course, live music.

A venue for people of all ages to come and meet and celebrate.  Our venue features our main bar, alfresco street dining area, beer garden, and our gorgeous open-air rooftop cocktail bar.

Meet your friends and family at the Met.



The Hotel Metropole was originally opened in 1903 by the licensee, Mr. T. Graham Tile.

At the time, it was the largest NSW hotel north of Newcastle and featured 57 guest rooms in a beautiful timber building with a verandah. The contractors for the building were Messrs. Brown and Jolly.

The building we now know as the Met was built in 1958 and has many mid-century design features. During the 2021 renovations, we discovered a brick signed by the original brickie whose family still lives in the area. We positioned the brick on display at the front window. Come in and see if you can find the little piece of history.


We respect our planet and aim to operate our venue with care and consideration of our natural environment.

We conduct our activities and operations to reflect best environmental and sustainability practice and seek innovative ways of meeting environmental objectives through a commitment to continual improvement.

These include:

  • To review all our activities and operations in order to identify, understand and evaluate all the direct and indirect environmental aspects and effects, and prioritise action to address them.

  • To reduce energy and resource consumption.

  • To influence our suppliers to support sustainable practices.

  • To raise awareness of environmentally responsible practices.

  • To prevent pollution.

  • To prevent unnecessary and avoidable travel.

  • To avoid the use of toxic materials wherever possible.

  • To consider the sustainability issues behind all our actions, taking into consideration not just the environmental and economic effects, but the social and ethical implications in equal measure.

Examples of our commitment are our roof full of solar panels powering our operations, energy-efficient LED lights throughout the venue, heat pump hot water system, and several electric vehicle chargers in the rear carpark.

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